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Pork, Chicken, Beef Raw Boneless Recipe for Adult Cats

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Ready to upgrade your cat to a delicious homemade raw diet? This simple recipe is for you!

This recipe includes whole food ingredients and minimal supplements. Complete raw diet for healthy adult cats.

The main proteins in this 1 recipe are chicken, beef, and pork. With a small amount of sardines/salmon.

⚠️ Please read this description in full before purchasing. You are responsible for making sure all ingredients (including supplements) are available to you. No ingredient substitutions ⚠️

Great for beginners to homemade who want to feed a raw boneless diet to their cats.


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Recipe FAQ - Please read before purchasing.


Please note this is a digital PDF download that you print at home. You make the cat food at home. No physical item is shipped.


✅ 1 PDF printable raw cat food recipe

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The recipe includes:

🥩 Recipe overview with kcal information, macronutrient analysis, and ingredient breakdown

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Recipe ingredients:

  • Chicken dark meat with skin
  • Pork tenderloin
  • Beef heart
  • Chicken gizzard
  • Beef chuck for stew
  • Chicken liver
  • Cooked salmon OR canned salmon/sardines (canned in water, no salt)
  • NOW vitamin E oil 60 mg (90 IU)
  • Eggshell powder (buy online or make at home)
  • Maine Coast Sea Seasonings kelp
  • Trace Minerals Ionic Manganese 10 mg

You can get most of the ingredients at the grocery store. Supplements can be purchased online. 

Amazon US sells all supplements. 

iHerb also sells all supplements and ships internationally. Please check shipping costs BEFORE purchasing this recipe.

All supplements are required in this recipe. There are no ingredient substitutions. 

I do not offer 1:1 diet formulation/substitution services. Please do not buy this recipe if you do not have access to all of these ingredients!

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