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Cat care solutions and healthy raw diets

Hey friends! I'm Jess, and that's my boss Jericho. We help cat parents like you give your cat a thriving life through enrichment and healthy raw diets. View my shop to give your cat a thriving life!

What cat parents are saying

“Thanks to you Jess, my 14 yr old Booger lost a couple of pounds when I transitioned them to raw, he and Lucy Girl. They love VIVARAW!! Booger became playful again and their coats are beautiful and glossy.”

— Barbara, Booger, Lucy

“Tomas is finally eating raw food. Thank you jesscaticles & Jericho <3 For your eBook and videos it really helped a lot! It took a while for us to make the transition! Thank you for helping me improve our routine, stay calm and have more fun time with Tomas as he started trusting his food.”

— V and Tomas

“The transition from dry to wet is going easier than we expected. Jess provides you with a wealth of information to make the transition so much smoother and easier to track. It may seem tough at first but hang in there, your fur babies will luv you even more for it!”

— Hammie and Squirt

Give your cat the best life possible

Confident and comfortable cats

Cat care foundations are important for all cats so that they feel confident and comfortable in their territory. This can prevent stress, boredom, and behavior issues.

Healthy weight and better litter box

A raw food diet is the best way to match our cat's natural diet. This high moisture, high protein, and low carb diet helps cats stay at an ideal weight and have better litter box habits.

Take complete control of your cat's diet

Homemade cat food is the best and most cost-effective way to feed our cats. You get complete control over where the ingredients come from, the quality, how it's made, and the cost!


About Jess and Jericho

I quit corporate in 2017 to pursue my passion in pet care. I started working as a cat sitter with hundreds of cats, and I'm still learning to this day!

In 2020, our family had to say goodbye to our precious Hemi. He was only 3 years old when he was diagnosed with kidney failure. Hemi was the push I needed to continue my education and become a Clinical Pet Nutritionist.

It is an honor and a Blessing from יהוה that I get to help cat parents all around the world give their cats a thriving life through enrichment and healthy raw diets!

Ready to give your cat a thriving life?

Get everything I've learned from 400+ cats all in one bundle! This bundle includes Cat Care Foundations, Switch to Raw Blueprint, and Homemade Cat Food Starter Kit. Plus you save 40%!