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What other cat parents are saying...

  • "Jess is my go to source for all quality things cat!!!"

    Stacie has a diabetic girl and felt nervous going on vacation. But then she bought my cat care binder and can travel with peace of mind because her sitter has a one-stop resource!

  • "I highly recommend Jess' course how to switch to raw."

    Sandra's 2 kibble-addicted cats are now thriving on fresh food! Their bond is stronger now than ever before!

  • "My two cats no longer have severe health problems!"

    Brando and CoCoNuts went from low-quality commercial brands to human-grade wet food to a raw diet using my program.

  • "My 14 yr old Booger lost a couple pounds and became more playful!"

    Barbara's senior cat, Booger, switched to raw at 14!! Now she feels that she has more time with her best friend.

  • "Thank you for helping me improve our routine!"

    Vanesa was frustrated that Tomas wouldn't eat raw. But then she followed my switch to raw plan and he started to love raw!

  • "Very instructing and 100% helpful in tracking progress."

    Lots of cat parents feel stressed and overwhelmed trying to switch to raw. But Pamela says "these printables makes it feel like Jess is right in the palm of your hand!"

  • "Jess makes the transition so much smoother and easier to track!"

    Hammie and Squirt made the switch from dry to wet with my blueprint. "Your fur babies will luv you even more for it!"

  • "This is a great methodical formula for success."

    Bryan's 9-year-old kitty is now eating raw and feels more vibrant and is dropping the extra weight!

  • β€œJess takes out the intimidation factor out of making your own cat food."

    Dawna's clowder dealt with allergies, rodent ulcers, and temperamental issues from additives in commercial cat food. Now they are all thriving on fresh homemade food!

About Jess and Jericho

I've learned the hard way what processed diets do to our cat's health. Diabetes, cancer, stroke, obesity, dehydration, urinary blockages... And the list goes on.

So I started to switch to raw right after Jericho adjusted to his new home. We absolutely loved it!

Until... the FDA forced a recall, and the raw cat food company went out of business.

I had to scramble and find a new raw cat food. And there weren't as many options back in 2018!

That's what pushed me to start feeding homemade. Now I have complete control over Jericho's diet!

And it's my mission to help you achieve the same for your cat.

It is an honor and a Blessing from 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 that I get to do this work!

Ready to give your cat a thriving life?

My Thriving Cats Bundle gives you everything from start to finish:
  1. Cat Care Binders to create fun routines for a stronger bond
  2. Switch to Raw Blueprint to go from dry/wet food to commercial raw
  3. Homemade Cat Food Starter Kit to feed homemade raw safely and confidently